Friday, May 11, 2007

Blogger Tasneem Khaleel Arrested by the Army

(Cross posted at Deshivoice and Bangla Adda)

As a blogger, I'm concerned about Army's action to arrest Tasneem Khaleel. Please read this breaking news from Salam Dhaka, "Army has picked up a freind, blogger, and human rights activist Tasneem Khalil. We're not going to let this go unanswered.Tasneem's blog is is CNN and Human Rights Watch representative in Dhaka. He also works for Daily Star.The U.S State department, CNN, HRW are being contacted through the highest levels".

Bangla Bloggers have already started their protest against this action. Rezwan has just published this breaking news in Bangla Blog. Please join me along with thousands of bloggers to condemn this cowardly action by the Military.

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SUSHANTA said...

I am collecting all the news,blogs regarding Tasneem and updating in my site

We should provide our best effort to save him.